3 Signs that you need to remodel your bathroom

One of the best ways to make your home more attractive and exciting, without spending too much on it is with a bathroom renovation. However not everyone is ready for a bathroom renovation, as they wonder if it’s a good idea or not. Here are some telltale signs to help you decide if it’s worth the money or not.

Safety and condition

The bathroom condition and safety is the strongest sign for a bathroom renovation. If there’s a mould and mildew problem in the bathroom, or if it seems to be falling apart, then it’s better to have the bathroom remodeled. Not only are mould and loose floor tiles unattractive, they are also dangerous and a definite sign to remodel the bathroom.

Selling your house

You may also consider remodeling the bathroom if you are planning to sell your home. An improved bathroom increases your home value, especially if the bathroom is outdated, poorly lit or in poor condition.

While a bathroom remodel isn’t necessary before selling your home, ask your real estate agent to find out if the increased home value will compensate the bathroom remodeling project.

For a change

Of course, another tell-tale sign for a bathroom remodel is if you are unhappy with it, and if you need a change. A good bathroom renovation should help if you want some change in your home and life. Adding marble or vessel sinks or a new shower will make a huge difference.

Sometimes small changes like repainting the walls or replacing old sinks go a long way in creating a big impact to the looks of the bathroom. Of course, you can also instil a huge change by doing a complete bathroom makeover by replacing everything, like the fixtures and tiles.

Basically, the biggest sign to remodel your bathroom is you wanting to remodel it. You have to decide whether you want to just replace taps, repaint the walls or if you want to change the entire bathroom to create a huge change in your bathroom, home and life!


Bathroom Remodels – Are They Worth the Hassle?

It goes without saying that the bathroom is the most used and important room of everyone’s home. However it’s constant usage can lead to faulty fixtures and stained or cracked tiles that have to be replaced.

While bathroom remodeling is a great way to upgrade and enhance your bathroom’s look, some may wonder if it’s worth the hassle. If you too are in the same delusion, read on to find out why remodeling the bathroom just might be worth it.

Improve energy efficiency

A remodeled bathroom can help you save money in the long run as upgraded energy saving light fixtures reduces your energy consumption. Energy efficient toilets can save a few gallons of water whenever you flush while low shower heads and faucets also considerably reduce water usage.

To accommodate an expanding family

A small bathroom may be difficult to get around, and especially difficult getting kids into the bathroom once your family grows. An enlarged, remodeled bathroom lets you add accessories like a separate tub or shower, double vanity or extra storage space for a more organized and functional bathroom to accommodate your growing family.

Improves home value

Not only will a new tub or shower, new tiles, flooring or fixtures or newly painted walls improve your bathroom’s looks, but it also helps improve your home value too. So if you plan to sell your home, you can get a higher price with an updated bathroom.

Looking at all this, it does look like a bathroom remodel is indeed worth it. Sometimes the entire bathroom needn’t be renovated; just changing fixtures can enhance your bathroom’s looks tri-fold. This lets you remodel your bathroom in a budget by renovating only what’s necessary. Your bathroom contractor will be able to suggest a suitable budget and bathroom remodeling plan befitting your requirements.

The catch however lies in sticking to your budget, and your renovation plan. It’s quite easy to get carried away and end up spending more on unnecessary bathroom renovation than first anticipated. If this is the case, you may definitely wonder if the bathroom remodel was worth it as you would have spent much more than you had budgeted!

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Preplanning your bathroom remodeling


Stone basins and bathtubs Melbourne homeowners want, exhibit function and aesthetics. To achieve the dream bathroom that you want, you should pre-plan. Blending elements that are pleasing to the eye, yet still help use the bathroom easier can be a challenge. That is why pre-planning is important in remodeling your bathroom.

Preplanning is vital in bathroom remodeling. It gives you a basic idea of what your bathroom is going to look by the end of your remodeling. It also helps you visualize the features that you want. When you preplan, you save a lot because you prevent changing several unexpected things during remodeling. Below are some pointers to remember during preplanning your bathroom remodeling:

  1. Collect several ideas from online blogs, websites, or magazines.
  2. Save pictures and information about mirrors, tubs, countertops, tiles, vanities, lightings, floors, and windows.
  3. Establish your budget.
  4. Assess your bathroom’s present condition.
  5. Consider the location of the shower, tub, or toilet.
  6. Think of your need to install a gray water recycling facility, especially if your area experiences water shortage.
  7. Think about how many people are using your bathroom.
  8. Consider maximizing space by installing wall mounted vanities and toilets.
  9. Choose components that need less maintenance such as stone basins.
  10. Think about the AC and heating ducts if they need to be moved or upgraded.
  11. Consider the features you want for your bathroom:
    • Do you want to have a frameless shower enclosure?
    • Do you want a rain or low flow showerhead?
    • Do you want low flow toilets?
    • Do you need radiant floor heating?
    • Do you want a larger shower stall or a Jacuzzi?
    • Do you prefer humidity control?
    • Do you like tower warmers?

During the pre-planning stage, it is always best to consider the kind of style you want and types of storage that you need. If you need more help, consult the experts at bathroomwarehouse.com.au. They will surely help you in acquiring durable elements such as stone basins and bathtubs Melbourne homeowners recommend and always use.

Decorative items for your home can help to raise the value

bathrooms sydney

Many people think that they have to have colored paint in every room of the house. In truth, you can do more with white than you can if your bathroom is painted a certain color. Whether you add pedestal sinks, drop-ins, stone basins, bathroom tapware Sydney that is shaped like dolphins or love bath tubs Sydney, or even glass vessels to your room, that alone can make a statement without having the walls painted any particular color. If you use a base color of white with marble or natural rock, you will be able to mix and splash color in various places throughout your bathroom.

When you work with the basic color of white, you have the ability to mix and match colors whenever the mood strikes you. Today you’re all about sunflower yellow and fiesta orange, but if you paint your bathroom in those colors, you will undoubtedly end up very bored with it before you know it. Instead of using paint, express splashes of color that draw the eye and dazzle by displaying flowers, artwork, and rugs! Hang beautiful towels of sunflower yellow, because tomorrow may be more somber and you’ll be all about amethyst and sapphire with artwork of greek tragedies.

Artwork can be underused in bathrooms so try and display something that both speaks to you and will catch the eye of guests. Your bathroom is supposed to be a place of solitude and it’s not just used for the toilet. You can create a space of serene beauty and calm for those relaxing baths as well as for guests that just need to wash up!

Consider keeping mix and match towels and rugs in pastels or your favorite jewel tones so that the colors in your bathroom can change on a whim.